In 2022, Tianjin launched the annual experiment of China Postdoctoral International Exchange Program Introduction Project which is sponsored by Tianjin government(Postdoctoral Joint Funding Program for short).In order to attract outstanding doctor graduated from overseas to Nankai University to engage in postdoctoral research work, the School of Finance relies on this project to recruit postdoctoral students globally. 

1. Project introduction

The Postdoctoral Joint Funding Program mainly supports outstanding doctors (including Chinese and foreign nationals) who have obtained doctorate degrees abroad to carry out two-year postdoctoral research in Tianjin Post-doctoral Station.

Those who apply for the program and are successfully selected can obtain a total of RMB400,000 from China and Tianjin government in the two-year funding period. The university provides excellent salary and good working environment for the candidates, and focuses on training them as reserve teachers.

2. Application conditions

(1)The age is generally not more than 35 years old, with good moral character and good health.

(2)Chinese overseas doctors or foreign doctors who have obtained doctorate degrees abroad in recent 3 years and meet one of the following conditions:① Graduated from the top 150 universities in the world, or whose disciplines rank among the top 150 in the world, the ranking restrictions can be appropriately relaxed for the elite in short supply in Tianjin. ②For applicants from countries along the “Belt and Road”, the conditions can be relaxed until the doctoral graduate school is the top 3 universities in the country. ③Overseas students or foreign doctors who have obtained doctorate degrees in Germany, if formally recommended by the German Helmholtz Association, are not be restricted by the school or professional ranking.

(3)The applicant should generally be the one who has no postdoctoral work experience in China or who has gone through the formalities for entering the station after February 1, 2022,and those who meet the above conditions can also apply if they can enter the station before the end of June 2023.

3.Declaration processes

The applicant shall fill in the “Application Form of the Postdoctoral Joint Funding Program”, and bind it with the copies of the main supporting materials in a volume (in duplicate).The main supporting materials are as follows:

(1) Copy of the applicant's ID card or passport.

(2) Copies of the doctorate certificate or relevant certificate of passing

the doctoral degree defense. If fresh doctoral graduates have not yet defended, they can apply in advance, and must ensure that they can provide the doctoral degree certificate when going through the entry procedures.

(3) Certification materials of main scientific research work and academic achievements listed in the “Application Form”.

(4) “Description of Doctoral Graduation School”

If the applicant is officially recommended by the German Helmholtz Association, he must provide relevant certification materials; if the applicant graduated from an overseas university with a doctoral degree and has a cooperation agreement with Tianjin, a copy of the agreement must be provided.

The deadline for submission of materials is August 15, 2022.The College will review the application materials and submit them to Nankai University and relevant departments of Tianjin as required.

4.Contact information

Contact Name: Ms. Zhang