The summer camp for outstanding university students of Nankai University School of Finance aims to enhance the understanding of outstanding domestic university students of Nankai University School of Finance, and to select potential candidates for further studies. Outstanding students are welcome to apply actively to participate.

The finance discipline of Nankai University has a long history and profound heritage. At the beginning of the school in 1919, it set up a business department and a bank and finance department. With the tenet of "first-class research, first-class talents, and first-class mechanisms", the school actively promotes the quality improvement project of postgraduate training, and has established international cooperation and exchanges with many world-class universities in the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries. School of finance has made many fruitful explorations in the innovative training of academic talents, practical talents and compound talents, and the quality of student training and the level of internationalization have been continuously improved. In the previous subject evaluations organized by the Ministry of Education, the discipline of finance has been rated as a national key discipline, and the first-level discipline of applied economics has been selected as the second round of national “double first-class” construction disciplines.

A.Summer camp application requirements

1.Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, be willing to serve the socialist modernization drive, have good morals, be honest and trustworthy, and abide by the law;

2.Third-year undergraduate students in key universities (2023 undergraduate graduates) with excellent academic performance;

3.All majors in our school accept inter-professional applications;

4.Have a strong interest in applying for a major, be interested in engaging in academic research or practical work in related majors, and have strong potential research or application capabilities;

5.Good English proficiency, CET-6 score ≥ 450, or TOEFL score ≥ 90, or IELTS (Academic Category A) ≥ 6, or GRE ≥ 310, or GMAT ≥ 640.

B.The summer camp involves majors

1.Academic Master

First-level discipline: 020200 Applied Economics, research direction: Finance, Insurance, Financial Engineering, Actuarial Science.

(The academic master program will accept 70 campers.)

2.Professional Degree Master

First-level discipline: 025100 Finance, regardless of research direction;

First-level discipline: 025500 Insurance, research direction: actuarial, insurance.

(The professional degree master program will accept 240 campers.)

C.Application method and process

1.Online registration: From May 9th to May 25th, registration website: Nankai University’s online registration system for exempted students ( (please select summer camp program). Each applicant is limited to one research direction. Our school will complete the online preliminary review within two working days after receiving the application. Please pay attention to the review result of your online registration information.

Description of online registration】

Clicking "Submit" in the online registration system is a formal registration, and only "Save" is an unregistered state, and the administrator cannot conduct online review.

Once submitted, all application information cannot be changed, please make sure that the information is correct before submitting.

Please pass the online review and obtain the "registration number" before downloading the personal registration information form, otherwise the registration number will be "000000", and such materials will not be accepted.

2.Submission materials:

Students who have passed the online review and obtained the registration number should submit the application materials before 17:00 on May 26. Overdue applications will not be accepted.

Materials to be submitted include:

[1]"Nankai University 2023 Recommended Exemption Postgraduate Registration Information Form" (downloaded from the online registration system, the applicant’s signature is required);[2]Scanned copy of the original student ID card;

[3]Transcripts for the first five semesters of the undergraduate program (stamped with the official seal of the academic affairs department of the school or college), and the professional ranking certificate of the overall evaluation results;

[4]Copies of the results of the National English CET-6 test or other transcripts reflecting own English proficiency;

[5]2 letters of recommendation from experts, which need to be recommended by 2 experts with associate professor or above professional titles related to the major;(click "Read the original text" at the end of the article to download the recommendation letter template)

[6]A copy of the original achievement certificate showing the applicant's academic and scientific research ability or a copy of the relevant certificate of economics major (optional).

Note: ① All the above materials should be combined into one PDF file, and the file name should be "application major (research direction) + undergraduate institution + application number + name", such as "Applied Economics (Financial Engineering) + XX University + 1301111 + Zhang San". ②Please indicate "application number + name + application materials for School of Finance Summer Camp" in the subject of the email. ③ Failure to submit materials as required above will not be accepted.

D.Material review

The admissions expert team of our school will conduct a comprehensive review and evaluation of the received application materials, and select the best to determine the list of admissions. The admission list and the specific arrangements of the summer camp will be announced on the Summer Camp section of the official website of the School of Finance before June 8.

E.Summer camp assessment, admission and acceptance of exempted students

This year's summer camp in our school adopts the method of online distance, and the assessment content mainly includes ideological and political quality and moral character, professional knowledge, comprehensive ability, oral English, etc.

During the summer camp, our school will select and recommend candidates for postgraduate exemptions based on the individual performance of the campers and assessment results. Campers who have obtained the candidacy will need to go through the relevant procedures in September 2022. Details will be notified separately.


Follow-up notices about the summer camp work will be announced in the summer camp column on our official website as soon as possible, please pay attention at any time. The official website of the School of Finance, Nankai University:, telephone number: 022-23500537. In order to avoid errors in information exchange and transmission, the applicant's relatives and friends are not allowed to consult.

The above contents are subject to change, please refer to the latest notice.

Editor: Song Zirui, New Media Center, School of Finance

Reviewer: Deng Deng, Hao Ren